A little bit about Isaac

Isaac was born on the 10th of March 2016. He didn't have the best start in life, the hospital confirmed he had  brain damage not long after he was born. We don't know when this occurred, and we are still trying to find answers.

Isaac progressed like any other baby, he was crawling and walking like all the other children his age, it wasn't till he reached about 18 months old, when we started noticing things were a bit different...Although Isaac hasn't been officially diagnosed with autism as of yet, all the people who he is under care of agree that he is Autistic. The current waiting period for a diagnosis for Isaac is 18 months.
Looking at Isaac you would swear he was just a normal child, that is till you spend more than 5 minutes in his company. At this moment in time he is non verbal, and he has certain routines that he likes to stick too. You'll be reading plenty more about these routines in the blog...There's been a lot of lows with Isaac, but there's also been a lot of highs.. I wouldn't change him for the world..he's a little legend in his own right..